domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

Levada Walks

Madeira walks along the "Levadas" (open canal system that where developed from the early 16th century, to distribute water from the rainfall heavy and wet regions on the north of the island to the drier sun parched regions of the south). Madeira is very mountainous, and most madeira levadas provide easy and relaxing walks through beautiful countryside filled with laurel forests, and others more challenging walks over peaks and mountains, through tunnels and under waterfalls. The breathtaking scenery of Madeira walks have become world famous due to the following reasons:
  • Most Madeira levada walks are deep in the lush vegetation of Europes oldest and biggest Laurel Forest.
  • Madeira Levadas are accessible right throughout the year due to the good temperatures the island experiences because of its geographical position.
  • The most dramatic landscapes that are found in Madeira are due to the volcanic origins of the island.
Our experienced and certified guides will help you safely explore the island's natural heritage through a series of walks that will have you coming back for more. Madeira Seekers pledges to make your hiking and madeira levada walks a really enjoyable and fantastic experience, at the most affordable price.

Rabaçal e as 25 fontes

Distance: 11 km
Duration: 4 hours
Grade: 2 Moderate
Beware: Tunnels & Vertigo

In the bewitching valley of Rabaçal we come across to one of Madeiras most popular levada walks. We walk along stretches of 3 Levadas, each with its own character, but all of them with a large number of waterfalls. Here at the head of Madeira's greatest valley, the houses of Rabaçal seem tiny beneath the enormous emerald-green mountains. For nature lovers it is simply a unique and awe-inspiring paradise. Rabaçal is an enchanted fairyland of cascading waterfalls, singing fountains and small lakes. A really great Madeira walk! 

                                       Rabacal - The Lakes 25 Fontes  

Queimadas - Caldeirão Verde 

Distance: 13 km
Duration: 4.5 hours
Grade: 3 Moderate
Beware: Tunnels & Vertigo

The enchanting emerald green and mossy paradise of the tropical rain forest (Laurisilva Forest), has to be the most scenic walk in Madeira! First we take the path beside the old Levada do Caldeirão Verde which then will take us to one of the most remote areas of the island with spectacular views of the north coast. Making our way through some short tunnels, we arrive at Caldeirão Verde's majestic waterfall which forms the caldron. Green, green, and more green would be the most fitting description for this truly beautiful Madeira levada walk!



Ribeiro Frio - Portela

Distance: 11 km
Duration: 4 hours
Grade: 3 Moderate
Beware: Vertigo

To really appreciate Madeiras natural heritage, you have to do this walk. Set deep in the Laurisilva forest on the eastern side of the island you will marvel at display of light and shade filtering through the laurel and heather trees. The trout swimming in the levada alongside the path dash for cover as they perceive our approach.You will love the tranquility and peace of your surroundings as your eyes feast upon sensational views at the vast array of flora and bird life. Another levada walk not to be missed!

                                         Ribeiro Frio